Challenges In Becoming A Successful Blogger

A large number of people do blogging. It allows them to connect with the targeted audience, improve their online presence, and generate revenues. Every day, a good number of blogs mushroom on the global Internet. Some of them have outstanding success, while some others have a mediocre triumphs. There are many bloggers whose blog don’t

Best Tools To Automate WordPress Tasks in 2021

When you operate a WordPress Website and receive traffic abundantly, it becomes difficult to you to mange all functions of your site. A lot of visitors on your website means you are supposed to get numerous quarries and comments from your visitors, upload new contents at regular interval, manage your social media channels effectively, more

UX Guide To Improve WordPress Admin Area

The administrative area is the backbone of any website. In this section, you perform a number of tasks to operate your website successfully & keep it up-to-date. Therefore, it should be user-friendly at all costs. When you operate a WordPress website, many times, the admin area looks uninteresting and repetitive. You need to take care

8 WordPress Security Checks You Need to Try Right Away

Website owners lay great importance on securing their WordPress security. According to Google, there are around 11,000+ website every day affected by malware and just like that, there are 60,000 every week due to phishing. Hundreds of developers regularly keep the core software WordPress very secure, but still, there are a lot of things to

Steps And Considerations To Update To WordPress 5.1.1 Version

“A Little Better Every Day”, are the words which WordPress community follows quite diligently. The two months for the release of WordPress 5.0 has passed in a jiffy. And now, we are all set to welcome the new enhanced WordPress version “Betty” named after the famous jazz vocalist Betty Carter. The polished version WordPress 5.1.1

Best Ways To Manage WordPress Project Development

WordPress, the King of Content Management Systems(CMS) is used for marketing, eCommerce, Customer-relationship management and other 1001 tasks. No wonder why WordPress developers rely on project management! It facilitates the developers to deliver the project on time, on budget and with quality. The business model is designed in a way to gauge the average time

How to Grow your WordPress Blog Subscribers?

Blog subscribers are those individuals who enthusiastically subscribe to your blog to get new updates through Emails/newsletters, RSS feeds, etc. They are the foundation of the growth of your blog. The more they will read your content, the more you will get benefited in terms of the traffic on the blog, business opportunities, lead generation,

10 Amazing Facts About WordPress Which Will Amaze You

WordPress is a free CMS and blogging platform. It has been the center of debate among all tech-savvy people, companies, firms and business owners who want to create professional and attractive websites without making any investment. WordPress was launched in 2003 as a blogging platform. Now, it is counted among one of the most popular