10 Amazing Facts About WordPress Which Will Amaze You

WordPress is a free CMS and blogging platform. It has been the center of debate among all tech-savvy people, companies, firms and business owners who want to create professional and attractive websites without making any investment.

WordPress was launched in 2003 as a blogging platform. Now, it is counted among one of the most popular CMS and is used by millions of people around the world. There are a lot of things that make it a favorite of tech-savvy people- Free availability, frequent updates, a huge community of WordPress developers, free support, availability of lots of plugins and themes, no need to acquire coding knowledge to create and operate WordPress websites, etc.

Today, we will talk about top 10 amazing facts about WordPress that will make you fill thrilled. Have a look at those facts outlined below:

1. WordPress Powers 27.5% of all Websites

There are millions of website available on the global Internet and many go online every minute. You would be surprised to know that WordPress powers around 27.5% of all websites and there are many famous brands that use this platform for running their online businesses.

2. A Lifeline for Non-Technical Persons

To create a traditional website and run it successfully, one needs to build a team of expert professionals such as web developers, webmasters, managers, SEO specialists, content developers, etc. Apart from this, he/she also needs to purchase the required software, anti-virus, hardware equipment, etc, to maintain the website uptime. For all these, you need to have some technical expertise and a surplus budget. If not, then compromise your dream of having an online presence and making money.

But, with WordPress, you don’t face all such hassles. You can easily create all types of WordPress websites (without seeking anyone’s help), customize it as per your needs, add new features and functionalities without writing a single line of code. You can even monetize your site and generate money.

The best thing about WordPress is that you can use WordPress resources to automate your assignments and increase your revenues manifold.

3. 49,765 Plugins and Their Number are Growing

A WordPress plugin is a useful tool provided by WordPress developers to increase the features and functionalities of WordPress website. You will be surprised to know that currently there are 49,765 Plugins and their numbers are growing with each passing day. There are many third party developers who develop and sell their premium plugins, increasing options for WordPress users.

4. Make Multilingual Websites in a Few Minutes

There are many online business owners that want to create multilingual websites to get international clients/customers & enhance their business across the world in a short time span.

Fortunately, WordPress supports different languages of the World. So, you can easily make Multilingual websites with WordPress and can spread your business globally.

5. Only 283 People Control WordPress

Millions of people around the World use WordPress to meet different objectives. But, the most surprising fact is that the is controlled only by 283 employees. That’s truly amazing.

6. Frequent Updates

WordPress keeps launching its new versions (with additional features) constantly. It allows people to upgrade their website for free and protect it from various online security threats. People get reminder notices whenever new WordPress updates take place. According to a data, around 69.3% of all WordPress websites are now being operated on the latest version of WordPress.

7. 2,700 Themes and Their Number are Growing

WordPress’ official themes directory has around 2,700 themes. Apart from this, a large number of premium themes are also sold on various platforms such as ThemeForest, CodeCanyon, ThemeSnap, etc. All these allow users to choose the most excellent theme to create their dream WordPress websites.

8. WordPress Receives More Visitors Than Amazon is a popular E-commerce website with the global presence. As E-commerce business is rising these days, many people assume that it is Amazon that must be getting the highest number of visitors from all around the World. But, that’s true. The fact is that WordPress gets more visitors than Amazon! Sounds strange, but its 100% true.

9. Akismet- The Most Popular & Wwidely Used Plugin

Out of 19,000 free plugins, Akismet is the most popular and widely downloaded plugin(3+ million times). It’s a plugin using which you can tackle spamming activities on your website. Now, it accounts for around .06% of all WordPress plugin downloads.

10. Demand for WordPress Skills are Increasing

As IT industry is booming and new WordPress websites are being made on a daily basis, there is a great demand for WordPress developers and specialists. As a WordPress developer, you can earn a fair amount of money by doing freelance assignments. Alternatively, you can create your own WordPress themes and plugins and sell in the market.

Final Words

The use of WordPress is increasing at a fast pace. The above-mentioned statistics justifies the popularity of WordPress and tells you why people are crazy about this robust CMS.

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