Tips for Creating a Perfect Landing Page for Magento Website

Landing pages are those parts of websites where visitors land normally, get more knowledge about products and take decisions if they are convinced. If your site’s landing page is appealing and eye-catching, then you can easily-

  • Suggest visitors to download your E-materials, apps, etc.
  • Launch campaigns to promote your sale.
  • Increase your subscribers and customer base &
  • Generate limitless business opportunities.

Here, we will discuss a few tactics, using which you easily create awesome landing pages on your Magento site and skyrocket your E-commerce business. Just go through those tips-

1. Explore User’s Interests and Provide Attention-Grabbing Content

Before designing landing pages on your website, you must explore what your targeted audience expect when they land your website. You can conduct market research using Google AdWords. Once you know the keywords used by the visitors, you can start writing relevant content for your site’s landing page.

You may have your own preference when it comes to writing content for landing pages. But you should adopt the principles of the KISS rule and include the following in your content-

A. Attractive Headlines and Sub-headlines 

The main objectives of writing headlines and sub-headlines are to provide the needful information to visitors at first glance & encourage them to take actions. Therefore, you should write concise and attention grabbing headlines for your content.

B. Feature and Benefit List

Just highlight some key features of the product you want to display on your site’s landing page and explain briefly how they will benefit customers.

2. Embed Relevant Images and Videos

Relevant images and videos make your landing pages more compelling & help visitors gain all-inclusive knowledge about the products and services. Therefore, you should add quality images and useful videos to your landing pages.

You can click images and shoot videos yourself and add them to the landing pages. It will assist you to catch visitor’s attention easily and motivate them for conversion.

3. Hassle-Free Forms

Nobody likes to fill up complicated forms to buy products/services. Therefore, you should declutter your complicated forms and add only those fields which are mandatory for taking actions such as name/username, Email address, password, and contact number. It increases the number of entries from customers and they subscribe your  services in maximum numbers.

4. Add a Clear Call-to-Action Button

A call to action button on a landing page instructs visitors to take actions. It is written as a command and has a button or hyperlink. If your landing page has no clear CTA, then visitors will not be able to know what they should do to accomplish actions such as buying products, subscribing newsletters, etc. In that case, they will leave your site immediately without taking any action.

The call to action button must be precise and straightforward. It should be clearly visible to users when they land on your site or its pages. Based on your needs, you can add the following CTA buttons to your Magento site:

  • Add to cart.
  • Checkout.
  • Buy now.
  • Add to wishlist.
  • Share on social media.
  • Read more articles.
  • Sign-up for our newsletter, etc.

5. Add Social Media Buttons

As almost all tech-savvy people are present on social media sites, adding designated social media buttons to your site’s landing page can do wonders. Users available on different social media channels can visit your site’s landing page through your ads/links & can provide you some business opportunities. It increases the effectiveness and usability of your landing pages up to a certain extent.

6. Create a Sense of Urgency

Time constraints play a big role in the effectiveness of landing pages. If customers land on your site and they find that there is no pressure to act now or anytime soon, it is possible that they may not look at your offerings and leave the site instantly.

So, whenever you create landing pages, create a sense of urgency with beneficial offers for customers. It will encourage them to grab the offerings as soon as possible, increasing your conversion rate rapidly.

7. Optimize for Speed

Slow loading pages are not preferred by Google when it has to show results to visitors. They also an create unpleasant user experience. Therefore, whenever you create landing pages on your site, you should optimize them for speed so that they may load quickly when users try to access them. It will create a pleasant user experience and they would like to deal with your offerings actively.

8. Make Landing Pages Responsive

A good number of devices, browsers, platforms are used by tech-savvy visitors to access the Internet and browse websites. So, there is a high demand for adaptive websites. You should make your landing pages responsive so that all users can access them easily regardless of the device they are using.

9. A/B Testing

No matter how well you have created your landing pages, there is always a room for enhancement. User’s preference and liking keep changing from time-to-time. So, you should conduct A/B testing to inspect the different elements of your site and find what is working or what is not working.

Based on the report, you can make necessary changes in your landing pages and make them more forceful.

Final Words

Creating awesome landing pages is not a rocket science. Just follow the above-mentioned tips and make successful landing pages for your site easily.

If you are working with a free landing page builder by SendPulse, you can design your own landing page and pair it with subscription widgets for popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram or messengers like WhatsApp and Telegram. This serves as a strong CTA as well as improves your lead generation and nurturing.


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