Best Practices For Optimizing Your Kubernetes Deployment

Kubernetes optimization is increasingly important as more companies adopt Kubernetes to be their container orchestration platform. Because Kubernetes resource administration is complex, manual optimization can take days to complete. Thus, for any organization or developer that needs to optimize their deployment, one needs to know what optimization is, what it means, and how to achieve

Common SEO Mistakes that Most Users make with Magento

Needless to say that Magento is an incredible content management platform for e-commerce websites. With the advancement of powerful inbuilt tools, templates, and extensions, you can build impressive and professionally appealing online store on the fly. In fact, selling products and services become super-easy on Magento e-store. But for that, you will need to improve

5 Efficient Ways to Promote Your New eCommerce Site

An eCommerce website has created a buzz over the internet. This platform makes possible financial success for every kind of business or eCommerce website, whether it is small, medium, or large. The businesses that do not have their online website will have to design a reliable website for their website sooner or later to compete

How to Write an Effective Developer Resume?

Many people are not familiar with software development and they think it is an easy job. It is not truе and it rеquirеs a lot of skills and undеrstanding of computеr programming. This articlе will go through resume making tips for a dеvеlopеr job. A rеsumе can gеt you into thе doors at еmployеrs’ who look for

How Quality Content Delivers Best SEO Results

Search engine optimization and content marketing both practices are connected. A content marketing strategy is mainly pointed for getting good SEO results. You can say, for creating the best SEO strategy, you have to be focused on content. The use of quality content for SEO purposes (such as – adding content to web pages, publishing

How to Implement a Pixel-perfect iOS UI Design?

In the modern era of technology and designing, we probably all have heard the phrase “pixel-perfect design” without understanding its actual meaning. But recently, you may listen to the pixel-perfect iOS concept; now, it has come with a pixel-perfect iOS UI design. Though Pixel’s perfect iOS UI design concept cannot be defined in simple words,