Essential Elements to Build a Killer Mobile Application

Everyone likes to build a killer mobile application to achieve the app success. In due course, the current post is listing some of the essential elements to make a killer mobile applications in short and sweet ways.


Mobile app marketplaces are flooding with millions of mobile applications and numbers are increasing every year. It is a clear indication of stiff competitions if anyone wants to be an app-entrepreneur and to expect some good fortunes out of the mobile app market.

Fortunately, the scenario is not completely dismal and several elements can brighten up your chances of success. Therefore, my endeavor in the current post is to pinpoint those essential elements that can grant the mobile application a killer status in a row of success.

Attractive and Intuitive App Design

The first sight love with app UI is mandatory to start engagement of the app users with the app. Therefore, take care of each UI element to follow the following requirements.

  • To keep the design clear and clutter free, reduce the number of design elements by keeping essential elements and removing extra decorative elements.
  • Use enough white space to highlight the remaining UI elements as well as facilitate touch actions by avoiding a collision.
  • Use smart UI elements and label them clearly to guide the user in right direction of the app use.
  • Avoid fancy UI design and follow design convention to make the user familiar and the purpose of UI elements as well as goals of the entire UI obvious.
  • Use various techniques to guide users to exploit app offerings fully such as onboarding techniques, text tips, familiar design and design elements so users can catch the message without any apparent description.

Optimize Coding

Making app error-free and crash free has prime importance for app retention and app engagement.

  • Mobile App Programmers must use the latest technologies and methods for testing and quality assurance.
  • Frequent testing is another way to reduce the number of bugs arising during the app development as well as after the release.
  • Using clear, compact, and the comprehensive code has many benefits including app performance, app maintenance, and app redesign.

Optimize Performance

As discussed earlier, app performance is one of the detrimental factors for app success, and the following care is essential.

  • Take minimalistic design approaches to reduce the number of design elements to speed up the loading and UI rendering.
  • Optimize design at design elements’ attribute level such as color, size, style, and so on.
  • Optimize animations and video elements to improve app performance.
  • Smooth the app interactions by optimizing design and code accordingly to make it rapid and enticing.

Optimize App Security

Most of the mobile applications carry or exchanging a lot of sensitive or crucial business as well as personal data, particularly ecommerce relates apps or apps with payment gateway integration.

Thus, app data security becomes a prime concern for the app users. It needs to follow app security standards prevailing at the global level. Using the various security technologies like SSL and the latest encryption technology are good trust building exercise.

Take security provisions like shutting security holes for Wi-Fi-like connectivity, use of insecure web or cloud services, and cutting many other low hanging fruits to avert the hacking, data theft, data breaches, and similar malicious activities.

Optimize User Experiences

We already have discussed some factors influencing the user experiences above such as design, coding, security, and performance. Apart from these, personalized app experiences are providing an edge in user experiences.

Fortunately, today various personalization technologies, tools, and techniques available to apply in mobile applications too. Offering offline work features and regular updates are some of the used to UX parameter that mobile app developers can consider.


We have seen some of the essential elements that help app developers to build a killer mobile application to gain an edge in the market and secure the best ROI. It is true that each app is unique and needs unique approaches to make it a killer mobile application.

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