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Mobile App Testing Tools: Which One To Pick For Android And IOS

Mobile app testing runs numerous tests on mobile applications to determine their performance, functionality, stability, usability, and consistency. Testing helps developers find and fix bugs and errors, resulting in a stable app launch. They test manually or with the aid of automation tools or software. There are three major types of mobile app testing: Performance

How User Experience Can Make or Break a B2B Website?

Businesses of all sizes need to connect with their audiences to grow and succeed. To achieve this connection, a company needs a compelling user experience (UX) that is both engaging and provides a holistic concept of the business.  UX encompasses all aspects of the end-users interaction with the company, including its services and products. It

Looker vs Tableau: A Comparison On Both Software

What is Looker? Looker is a business intelligence software company that provides data discovery, exploration, and visualization tools. Looker is a subsidiary of Google. Looker’s software enables businesses to analyze their data and make better decisions. The company’s products are used by organizations of all sizes, including Fortune 500 companies, startups, and small businesses. Looker’s

Laravel 5.5 Introduce Custom Validation Rules

Table of Content Introduction Creating Custom Validation Rules in Laravel Creating Custom Validation in Laravel Using Exits Rule Custom Validation Rules Example Conclusion Introduction The most popular PHP framework, Laravel, has a number of prebuilt features, one of which is validation criteria that can be added to your application’s input forms. Nonetheless, beginning with Laravel

Best Practices For Optimizing Your Kubernetes Deployment

Kubernetes optimization is increasingly important as more companies adopt Kubernetes to be their container orchestration platform. Because Kubernetes resource administration is complex, manual optimization can take days to complete. Thus, for any organization or developer that needs to optimize their deployment, one needs to know what optimization is, what it means, and how to achieve

Common SEO Mistakes that Most Users make with Magento

Needless to say that Magento is an incredible content management platform for e-commerce websites. With the advancement of powerful inbuilt tools, templates, and extensions, you can build impressive and professionally appealing online store on the fly. In fact, selling products and services become super-easy on Magento e-store. But for that, you will need to improve