How to Grow your WordPress Blog Subscribers?

Blog subscribers are those individuals who enthusiastically subscribe to your blog to get new updates through Emails/newsletters, RSS feeds, etc. They are the foundation of the growth of your blog. The more they will read your content, the more you will get benefited in terms of the traffic on the blog, business opportunities, lead generation, etc.

However, increasing the number of blog subscribers is not an easy task. With plenty of uncertainty in SEO tactics, the changing mood of users and increasing competition on the World Wide Web, it is always difficult for the wholehearted bloggers to increase their subscribers.

Are you also an active WordPress blogger and looking for ways to increase your subscribers instantly? If yes, then you should try the following recommendations. Let’s view those tips one by one-

1. Create an Effective Blogging Strategy

Through blogging, you can reach out a larger audience. For this, you need to have a compelling and executable blog strategy and resources to perform them in a timely fashion. In order to solidify your blogging strategy, you can follow some tips:

  • Determine the purpose of blogging. It may be bringing traffic to your site, increasing its readership, business, promotion of new services/products, interaction with customers, etc.
  • Find out your main keywords you are likely to use to attract your subscribers.
  • See how many helping hands you need and arrange accordingly.

2. Create Unique and Shareable Content

SEO optimized and meaningful content is one of the most important components of active blogging. Therefore, you need to write interesting content for your subscribers. While creating content for blogging, you need to keep a few things in mind-

  • Write content in plain and simple language. It should be valuable and useful for the targeted audience. As per your needs, you can use templates, images, videos, etc, in content to beautify it.
  • Make sure that your content doesn’t include spam words. It should also follow the CAN-SPAM act when used as newsletters.
  • If someone is ready to contribute content and articles under your niche, you should also use them for your own needs.
  • Add at least one call to action button to your content to boost its effectiveness.

3. Highlight Subscription Options on Your Blog

In order to encourage users to subscribe your blog updates, you should display subscription options prominently on it.You can add subscription options in popups, RSS feeds, sign-up forms, contact forms, etc. You should place it “above the fold” to help blog visitors see the SignUp options easily.

4. Use WordPress Resources

When you make efforts to increase your blog’s subscribers, streamlining different assignments and performing all of them at the right time seems like a challenge for you. It is very important for you to keep supplying quality content to your readers at regular intervals.

Irregularity in blogging or a long time gap between two blog posts can discourage subscribers from visiting your blog. Therefore, to streamline your blogging work and keep users visiting your blog continuously, you can use some useful WordPress plugins:

  • GoDaddy Email Marketing – It automatically adds signup forms to your WordPress site and encourages visitors to subscribe your blog updates.
  • Editorial Calendar – To schedule your content effectively in advance. You can use it to maintain regularity in content posting and delivery to subscribers.

5. Communicate With Your Audience Actively

Frequent interaction between the blog owner and audience is essential to increase blog subscribers. When you publish quality content on your blog regularly, users are encouraged to comment on your blog posts.

Whenever you receive comments on your blog, you should respond to them actively. It lets subscribers and visitors feel that they are being noticed by the blog owner. As a result, they tend to engage with your posts actively, recommend it to others and help you to grow your subscribers.

6. Use Social Media Channels and Apps

These days, different social media channels and instant chat apps are used extensively by almost all tech-savvy people. You can use these two to drive traffic to your blog and encourage them to subscribe your blog posts.

Just add social sharing buttons to your blog. Whenever, you publish a new post on your blog, distribute it on on social media channels and chat apps. When individuals browse social media channels and come across your posts, they may love to visit your blog, read the available content and subscribe it as well if they are convinced.

By sharing useful content on social media channels and apps, you can make your fans/followers the regular subscribers of your blog.

7. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is the process of getting your content published on other’s blogs. It is an effective technique to get quality backlinks to your blog, give more exposure to it on the web and receive immense traffic.

When you start getting a good flow of traffic to your site, you can convert them into subscribers. Therefore, find a high-visibility blog under your niche and send your content for publication.

Takeaway Idea

By using the above-mentioned tactics, bloggers can increase traffic to their site dramatically and can turn them into loyal subscribers.

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