Challenges In Becoming A Successful Blogger

A large number of people do blogging. It allows them to connect with the targeted audience, improve their online presence, and generate revenues.

Every day, a good number of blogs mushroom on the global Internet. Some of them have outstanding success, while some others have a mediocre triumphs. There are many bloggers whose blog don’t get indexed by Google and they disappear sooner or later. So, what are the main challenges that bloggers face? How can they overcome those problems and become a successful blogger? Let’s find out.

1. Choosing The Right Platform And Topic

When you think of starting your blog, first of all, you find it very difficult to choose the right blogging platform and topic.


There are numerous blogging platforms. Based on your needs and convenience, you can choose any one of them.

When it comes to the selection of topics for blogging, you should choose the subjects/topics in which you have good command or interest. It will help you to come up with great ideas and impress your audience easily.

2. Using Copy Paste Technique For Content Creation

The ability to write SEO-optimized, unique and valuable content is a necessary prerequisite when you start blogging and crave for success. In order to keep your audience interested in your blog and make them repeat visitors, you need to write quality content at all times.

When you write content regularly, a time comes when you are unable to generate originality and uniqueness in your content. Consequently, you start applying copy-paste technique to produce enough content to meet your blogging needs.

But, you need to keep in mind that search engines dislike mediocre content. They need high-quality content to deliver the best results to users. If you generate low-quality content and use them on your site, it is possible that you may not be able to ensure the better placement of your blog in search engine results and get the traffic you want.


You need to prefer quality over quantity when it comes to content creation. You should not make unnecessary haste while writing content and take your time to come up with quality stuff. You can take the following steps to create quality content:

  • When you write content, try to write it yourself. You will be able to complete the content in a short span of time. If you need reference materials to craft good quality contents, you should use different search engines. It will help you to get lots of articles for your topic. Just read them out quickly and note down the important points, facts, figures, data in notepad. Use those important materials to create the quality content.
  • These days, people don’t have the patience to go through long and plain text content. So, use appealing images, videos, charts, etc, to make your content interesting for users.
  • Search engines hate silly errors in content. So, you can use certain tools to abolish errors from your content and make them valuable for your blog visitors.

3. Increasing The Visibility Of Your Blog On The Internet

In order to get success in blogging and achieve the end objectives, it is vital for all bloggers to generate handsome traffic to their blog and monetize them. For this, they have to optimize their blogs with the latest tricks of search engine optimization.

But, SEO is an unpredictable technique. It changes every now and then, which makes it difficult for bloggers to ensure the better ranking of their blogs in search engine results. If your blog doesn’t rank well in search engines, it is possible that people may not find it easily on the web and you may get a little traffic to your blog.


Take care of each and every aspect of SEO while optimizing your blog for search engines and people. It will expose your blog to millions of people on the Internet who look for new content to meet their various needs.

In order to keep yourself up-to-date about the latest trends in SEO, you should visit some useful websites regularly such as search engine watch, search engine land, search engine journal, etc. Alternatively, you can seek SEO tips from recognized and skillful SEO professionals in your friend circle and use the obtained knowledge to optimize your blog very well to see your blog or its pages floating on the first page of search engines.

4. Monetization Problem

When you establish your blog and get a decent volume of traffic, you tend to monetize it sooner or later to generate revenues. By doing so, you become able to continue your blogging career. A number of people try to monetize their blog, but only a few get the desired success.


There are numerous ways to monetize your blog. Depending on your needs and convenience, you can use certain ways to monetize your blog. You should also ignore your audience while monetizing your blog as they may leave your blog if they don’t find new content regularly.

5. Impatience

Most of the people start blogging with an intention to earn revenues. They think that by creating an appealing blog and posting some contents, they will start getting traffic to it easily & earn money within a few days/weeks/months. Generally, success in blogging doesn’t come quickly as assumed by many people.

When you quit your full-time job and start working on your blog as a full-time blogger without any remuneration, it becomes very difficult to keep your confidence level high if you fail to get the desired success despite injecting your best efforts. Most of the people lose their patience and return to their 9-5 corporate job once again to secure their financial well-being.


When you start blogging, you need to have a lot of dedication and passion about it. Just maintain a positive attitude, have a well-drafted plan of action and work smartly on them. You should update your blog at least 2-3 times in a week, take all possible steps to distribute the uploaded content across various channels and look analytics regularly to see the outcome. Based on the traffic report, you should create strategies to promote your blog and acquire the ultimate goals.

6. Difficulty in Maintaining Privacy

Professional blogging demands lots of time and dedication. When you start blogging, your friends, relatives, family members, neighbors hardly encourage your idea to proceed your career as an independent blogger. You can’t focus on your blogging career if you misuse your free times for watching movies with friends, doing all household works, enjoying your favorite TV shows and going out for vacations frequently, etc.


If you take blogging seriously, you must use the major portion of free times to promote your blog and make it a money making source. Restrict all unproductive activities and devote only definite time with your family members and friends.

7. Not Engaging With Your Audience

When you post content on your blog regularly, users do raise their questions and comment on your posts. If you ignore their comment/questions, they may feel neglected by you. It makes them unhappy and they may stop visiting your blog.


Try to engage with users as far as possible. It helps you to address the concerns of your audience and make them feel delighted. An enhanced user engagement will improve the readability and usability of your blog, encourage more and more people to subscribe its updates & help you meet the end targets of your blogging life.

Final Thoughts

Starting a blogging career is a right step towards gaining financial independence and professional satisfaction. You are bound to face several challenges during your blogging career. These are some of the main problems faced by every blogger. Just solve them and be a successful blogger.

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