How Much Do You Know About HR Software Programs?


As technology evolved drastically over the years, several jobs that were earlier reserved for people with high domain knowledge are rapidly automated. One such job is that of the HR (human resources). This is one of the most critical departments of any company. The reason behind the importance of this department is that it deals with the most precious resource that a company possess – Its human resources. If there is any problem in the recruitment process and a wrong person is selected by mistake, then it will not only hamper the productivity of the company but also has the potential of vitiating the team spirit in the company.

What is the main job of the HR software?

This is a software that can make the process of recruitment easier and faster. It also plays an important role in evaluating an individual’s performance for promotion or incentive purposes. The HR software does not target a particular aspect of the human resources of a company but takesa holistic view of how to optimally utilize the human resources to get the maximum benefit. Some of the jobs that the HR software can do more efficiently than its human counterparts are as follows:

  • Recruitment
  • Evaluation
  • Payroll management
  • Time and Expense Management
  • Keeping track of attendance and benefits, among others

Why do we need HR software?

To solve the problem of hiring people as well as their career development when they are in the company more and more companies are turning to technology. It helps them in a big way to find the right person for the job they are offering. One of the USPs of the HR software is that, unlike a human, HR software, do not have any bias for or against any particular candidate. Besides, this software can within a very short period of time evaluate the qualities of different applicants and choose only those that are suitable for the job.

How many types of HR software are there in the market?

While there are a large number of HR software in the market, we can broadly group them under three major categories, Core HR, Strategic HR and Workforce administration.

Core HR: This software streamlines the functioning of the core functions that all companies have in common. These include personnel tracking, benefits management and payroll management. These functions become tedious and complicated after the workforce increases. Expanding on what these core functions are;

  • Personnel tracking: It involves organising the employee information in such a way that they are speedily available if the need arises. Some of this information includes the contact number and address of the employee and his records in the company.
  • Benefits Management: This involves keeping track of all thebenefits that an employee has earned including insurance, medical and paid time off.
  • Payroll Management: This process includes, salaries/wages. Health benefits, bonuses, deductions and others.

Strategic HR: This particular software module looks at the broader strategic picture of the company and optimises the workforce to achieve those strategic goals. It not only keeps a tab on the applications that thousands of candidates have submitted for a job but also help the company to recruit the right person for the job.This kind of software makes sure that the employee’s skills are being utilised optimally and the employees are given the latest training to equip them with the latest skill set so that they can help the company achieve its strategic goal.

Workforce Management: The HR software that deals with the Workforce Management issues try to optimise the workforce of a company for greater productivity. This kind of HR software is particularly important for those companies that have a great number of workers in its roll and the work happens in multiple shifts. The HR software here not only keep track of the attendance of all the employees individually but also sick day leaves, tool management at the assembly line and any fall in performance at the workplace. All these make this software very crucial in keeping track of the overall productivity level of the employees.

What are the advantages of using HR Software?

HR software offers a company immense benefits in the form of streamlining the human resource department and centralising all the information for easy accessibility. Now, whenever a company buys an HR software, it actually gets a bundle of modules that can be utilised to improve the efficiency of different aspects of the human resource department. Depending on its size, the complexity of operations and strategic goals, a company can pick and choose some or all the modules of this software to improve the working of the HR department considerably.

Companies work in a highly legalised environment and if it is a multinational company then the complex web of compliance laws it has to face in different countries is truly mind-boggling. To help a company make it easier to not only comply with the local legal law requirement for hiring, payment, bonus, and other benefits but also help to synergise the working of the workforce in different countries to achieve greater productivity levels. In addition, in several countries where a company has a presence, it is important that all the tax compliances are done as per the law of the land and all the rules and regulations are done in the different languages. For such a complex operation, HR software is agodsend and is widely used by multinationals to systemise and optimise their workforce all over the world.

Several high-tech companies are looking for talents to fill in some of their critical areas of their operations. The HR software helps them to identify those critical areas, which needed to be filled on an emergency basis and the way to attract talent for that job. In addition, HR software is designed in such a way that they can be easily synced with the existing system to make the whole system highly efficient and productive.

What are some of the popular HR Software?

Some of the popular HR software are Zoho Recruit, Employ Wise, Zugata and many more.

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