Top 7 Growth Marketing Tools For 2021

Although we couldn’t have even begun to anticipate what kind of social and technological developments would come about in 2020, it’s fairly safe to say that technology has now become fully integrated into both our personal and professional lives and it’s here to stay. Having effective tools and resources to manage this new online way of doing business will be a key determinant of business success in the future.

growth marketing tools

Here’s what digital trends to look out for in 2021 and some of the tools you’ll need to take them on in order to grow your business.

Increased need for effective cybersecurity tools

Given our rapid transition into a largely digitally powered workforce – and therefore the transfer of potentially very sensitive information over digital channels – there has been a corresponding increase in cybercrime and data theft which can pose a very real threat to your business.

5G is finally becoming mainstream

Further intensifying the need for effective cybersecurity is the introduction of 5G internet. Alongside the significant increase in internet speed brought by 5G, will also come to the intensification of data protection risks and the need to tighten online data security and online process management for businesses. It is unsurprising that by 2024, 5G is anticipated to form the web infrastructure through which almost 40% of internet users will operate. Although it’s hard to imagine a universally faster digital pace than our current one, the spread of 5G will certainly bring about a new set of challenges and, undoubtedly, tools for effective online management and protection.

Online press release tools

Press releases, which have long since been a fundamental means by which companies provide information for journalists to use, have also had to adapt to our highly digitized environment. Companies such as PRWeb, SiteTrail, and PR Newswire all provide platforms that facilitate the publishing of electronic press releases, allowing companies to continue to directly communicate with journalists and effectively disseminate key information to key stakeholders and other relevant personnel.

Hybrid Cloud tools

Many businesses have moved towards conducting business via a hybrid cloud infrastructure, which provides increased levels of data security and a flexible framework to provide effective workplace continuity.

Omnichannel shopping tools

An important aspect of the digital landscape that has fueled our increasing demand for convenience has been the rise of eCommerce. We have seen an exponential increase in the already growing eCommerce business sector, and this industry is expected to see over 200% growth over the next three years. Omnichannel shopping, where businesses offer their customers a seamless user experience across all platforms and channels, is set to become an industry standard, and it is important from both customer satisfaction and retention perspective as well as an analytical perspective that companies begin the process of streamlining their shopping experience and software for the future.

Search Engine Optimization tools and developments

Although this could include a wide range of tools, the increased importance of an effectively run digital presence means that new digital marketing tools such as SEO planning tools are increasingly necessary to make sure your company is visible and stands out among all the noise.

Backlink Checkers

Backlink checkers have seen a huge increase in popularity as they allow you to check your content and gauge how effectively you are utilizing additional links within your published content to increase your search ranking. They work alongside SEO tools to ensure that your company ranks as one of the first sites people see and is an excellent tool to leverage to successfully implement your digital marketing strategy.

The digital environment is an ever-evolving entity and now more than ever it is important for companies to stay abreast of any trends and effectively utilize the available tools to ensure that their company manages to stay relevant, maintain consistent growth, and a prominent place within the digital environment.

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