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Top Chrome Extensions

Being a content marketer necessitates a great deal of organization as well as patience, especially with all of the technology and tools at our disposal.

Fortunately, there are a plethora of excellent Google Chrome extensions available to help you optimize your workflow and increase productivity. If you are not sure about how to use these particular tools, then you can take the help of an SEO company.

Top Google Chrome Extensions for Content Marketing


As a content marketer, you’re constantly dealing with content. And whether you’re creating material for yourself or a client, you’ll want to make sure it’s written correctly with no Grammatical mistakes, which is where the Grammarly plugin comes into play.

Grammarly may be used on a variety of content types, including articles, blog posts, social media postings, and newsletters. Grammarly also works with a variety of platforms, including Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, WordPress, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and others.

Use Grammarly and avoid making those minor grammatical errors; you’re better than that.


DrumUp calls itself the “World’s #1 Social Media as well as Content Marketing Application,” and I believe you’ll agree after using it for a few weeks.

It’s a content creation as well as a social media management tool all in one, searching the web for new content and recommending it for social media.

Once the content has been crawled, all you have to do is click the DrumUp extension, which will present you with up to 10 article recommendations that you can share on social media directly from your Chrome browser-it doesn’t get much easier than that.

DrumUp is also a social media scheduler, allowing you to schedule your social media postings to go live at a certain time.


Nothing is more inconvenient than having to repeatedly log in and out of various websites and Internet applications that we use as content marketers, but thanks to Meldium, we no longer have to.

Meldium is a password manager that keeps your usernames as well as passwords for any website you desire and, best of all, it automatically logs you in without you having to touch the keyboard.

One of the best features of Meldium is that it automates new employee onboarding by creating an account for them and giving them access to any platforms you desire.

Ahrefs Toolbar

The Ahrefs toolbar, like any other toolbar, occupies a significant amount of space at the top of a Chrome browser. However, it does so in exchange for displaying many of Ahrefs most popular reports just above the page.

A broken link report is included, which content marketers can use to identify broken links that may cause their audience to become confused. You could also utilize the broken link report to find sites with broken links and offer them a replacement from your site as part of your content outreach.

You might also use a different report to look for potential search-optimization issues with low-performing content.


Content marketers may be in charge of link building via guest posts and public relations in some eCommerce businesses. It could entail conducting interviews or gathering background information about a particular business.

Hunter is a Chrome addon that aids in the discovery of a website’s linked email addresses. Hunter will supply you with a list of email addresses, names, as well as titles if you go to that site and click the extension icon.

It will also inform you of the number of sources it used to locate each email address.

Assume you’re a content marketer for an online car parts and accessories retailer. You’ve discovered an amazing financial planning blog and want to propose a post that estimates annual maintenance as well as repair costs for the ten most popular sedans in the United States.

There is no contact us page on the blog, also there is no “write for us” area. However, if you’ve installed Hunter and are using it to find a list of possible connections.

Soapbox By Wistia

Wistia was founded in 2008 and from that time, it is considered to be a video hosting as well as a tracking platform.
Wistia offers a simple Chrome addon called “Soapbox” that allows marketers to simultaneously record their screen and webcam.

Assume you run a wholesale eCommerce business that sells parts to mobile bicycle stores. Your customers use an app to manage their inventory, set up automated replenishment, as well as look for special orders in your catalog.

You’ll be responsible for creating videos that demonstrate how to install and configure the app. You can build and edit presentations with Soapbox instead of paying a production company.

For any lesson video that requires you to demonstrate your screen and yourself, you could focus on making use of this tool.

Save To Pocket

A pocket is a web tool and service that allows users to save any web content — articles, images, and videos — to read or watch later. When it was first released as a Firefox extension in 2007, the service was called “Read It Later.”

Pocket is now owned by Mozilla and is available on a variety of platforms and formats, including as a Chrome browser extension named “Save to Pocket.” This is a great way for content marketers to collect research materials.

Consider the following scenario: you are the content marketing manager for an online kitchen supply business. You want to encourage people to prepare meals at home. So you decide to start writing a series of articles about the health benefits of eating natural foods cooked at home.

You use your Chrome browser to search for articles using Google or DuckDuckGo. However, if you’re like most people, you won’t read every piece from beginning to end.

You also don’t view every video from start to finish as soon as it appears on a search results page. Instead, you gather several papers, research articles, and videos to review later.

So, whenever you come across any useful video related to any of the topics, you would be able to save it to Pocket easily. Later on, you can see this video with the other videos and materials you have saved.


Wappalyzer is a cross-platform program that analyses webpage technologies. Content management systems, web frameworks, server software, e-commerce platforms, analytics tools, and other online technologies are all detected by this application.

The extension is beneficial for several reasons: It can tell you what technologies are running on your website, but more crucially, it can also tell you what technologies are running on other websites for whatever reason.

It delivers useful information that would otherwise be impossible to obtain as a technical marketer or researcher.

One Click Extensions Manager

One Click Extensions Manager is another great extension on the list. We have a significant number of extensions to work through here, as well as a large number of extensions to install in our browsers.

To avoid your browser becoming overloaded with extension icons, One Click Extensions Manager keeps all of your extensions in one neat folder. Extensions do allow you to become more productive, effective, and knowledgeable.

You’ll be able to quickly identify, enable, disable, or remove the addons you want without the clutter with this extension.


Moz may be falling behind some of the most thorough tools in the SEO community. MozBar, on the other hand, continues to give marketers with basic SEO data for quick research, providing instant metrics while viewing any page or SERP.

Also, Moz provides a free subscription to their product but with limited features, allowing this extension to function without the monthly fees that other more comprehensive providers, such as Ahrefs or SEMRush, will require and which are utilized by more SEO-specific marketers.

SEO Quake

Staying with SEO, the SEO Quake plugin adds to what MozBar already offers: i.e. a quick, comprehensive glance at any webpage, as well as additional SEO auditing tools.

Other data sources, such as Google, Alexa, and SEMRush, are used by SEO Quake to offer you the information you need for in-depth knowledge.

Other on-page information provided by the plugin, such as keyword density, word count, and internal as well as external links, is quite beneficial for analyzing competitor material.


If you’re a digital marketer, you probably keep track of your competitors’ online activities, particularly how their content performs.

This is exactly what Buzzsumo allows you to achieve. Among other things, the extension will show the number of social media shares, page views, and backlinks. Knowing how well such content performs can be quite useful when creating similar stuff.

Eye Dropper

Eye Dropper will come in handy if you’re a marketer who works with logos, photos, and other design-related elements. Colors can be selected from online pages, a color picker, and your personal color history with this plugin.

So, if you want to match a color from a website, Eye Dropper will determine the precise color and provide a selection of color codes (Hex, HSL, RGB). With just one click on the particular color, you’re looking for; you’ll have your color and it’ll be saved.


This chrome extension is known to be equally beneficial for a digital marketer and a content marketer. Your browsers can get tab-heavy which leads to several difficulties. This can even consume a lot of the device’s battery.

In this regard, OneTab appears to be an actual savior. This tool is considered to be very effective in solving all of your memory and tab issues. It keeps a running list of all of the sources of all of your tabs. In this way, it helps to keep your browser organized.

Also, it cuts down on the amount of memory consumed by Google Chrome. Therefore, it helps to save battery life.

The best thing is that you can focus on creating different lists specifically within OneTab for the diverse projects you are working on. So, this is a great tool that helps you to stay organized.


Another great Google chrome extension for content marketers is known to be RiteTag. This has proved to be very helpful if you are looking forward to pushing your content on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

RiteTag is a tool that works by suggesting the best hashtags for your content. In this regard, it first read your social media posts and after that provides you with the perfect suggestions to complement your blog post content.

Once you have selected a hashtag, this extension will provide real-time analytics on the hashtag. This also provides digital marketers with key data points such as how many retweets per hour tweets receive with those hashtags or how many views per hour the hashtag receives.

Not only that, but this extension also works perfectly for GIFs and images. So, you can always work with the right images and hashtags to make sure that you are getting the most out of your social media posts.


Are you looking for a perfect extension for managing your social media posts? If yes, then Buffer can be a suitable option for solving your unique needs. This tool allows you to line up your social media updates at one time as well as publish the posts as per your schedule.

The best part about this extension is that it effectively supports Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages. According to your wish, you can either choose to schedule the same update on just one platform or multiple platforms.

The extension also adds a share button to your browser bar so you may be able to share the website with others. Buffer lets you upload a specific piece of material, along with the source link, by right-clicking on a selected text or image.

You may also use this extension to add buttons to your social network feeds to schedule the resharing of posts from people you follow.

Buffer has a function called “Pablo” that allows you to quickly make visuals for social media. By right-clicking “Create Image with Pablo” and adjusting the settings as per your preference, you may place any selected text on one of the provided backgrounds.

Naturally, the next step is to schedule your new “visual quote” in Buffer.


These top Chrome extensions for digital marketing will make your life and job easier. These helpful tools can help you speed up your research and possibly improve your writing.

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