Top 10 Screenshot Tools for Web Designers and SEO Professionals

Sometimes, while browsing websites, you need to remember the image that displayed on your PC, laptop, and mobile devices. It becomes necessary for you to take a screenshot to permanently capture what happened in a particular moment. So, people take a screenshot of it using the Alt+ Print Scan+ Control Button +C Command.

One must always keep in mind that a good screenshot makes the article more useful and replaces many verbal explanations. Even website designers and SEO professionals use screenshots in their daily works and come up with the best assignments easily and effortlessly. So, let’s have a look at the top 10 screenshot tools used by IT professionals and common Internet users:

  1. ShareX

This application helps you to take screenshots easily from a variety of destinations, from cloud storage to servers. It also has some excellent functions, which allow you to take a snapshot of a long document or web page.

Based on your need, you can configure the program to take screenshots automatically and saving them on the hard disk, adding a watermark and uploading to the selected server. Once a screenshot is taken, this tool automatically copies the URL of the downloaded image to the clipboard, allowing you to share the screenshot on different social networking websites.

  1. PicPick

This tool is the best for annotations and editing of images. It offers a modern interface with a ribbon bar. When you take a few screenshots, it displays all of them in the editor using the tabs. Its editing interface allows you to resize, crop screenshots, apply effects, insert text and add stamps to screenshots and make them more useful for the targeted audience.

  1. Greenshot

The Greenshot is an extremely simple tool with pre-configured keys on the keyboard or right-click on the tray. It enables you to take screenshots of your desktop, window, a separate section on the desktop or the one whose screenshot you created. It has a bunch of various settings for taking amazing screenshots.

As soon as you take a screenshot using this tool, it saves it to the clipboard and the selected directory on the computer and allows you to open it on Microsoft Office or in any available image editor. However, it doesn’t have a built-in option to add notes, but it is a highly useful tool for taking screenshots.

  1. FastStone Capture

The FastStone Capture is a very functional tool for taking screenshots on Windows devices. Once the app is started, a small panel appears on the screen, whereon all necessary tools are present. With this tool, you can easily create pictures of a rectangular area and freeform areas and snapshots of window applications in just one or two clicks.

You can also add a signature with system information, several variants of edge effects and a watermark on each picture to make them more appealing to the targeted audience. It also has a built-in graphical editor that allows you to add additional graphic elements after creating a snapshot.

  1. Snagit 11

Snagit 11 is an ideal tool for creating screenshots and recording video from the computer screen from. With its use, you can easily take snapshots of the entire screen or part of it, screenshots of the desired window in a vertical or horizontal way. It also allows you to include edge effects, image signature, and watermark to each picture. It comes with a built-in image editor, which allows you to supplement the picture with beautiful arrows, lines, and frames, vector icon, text comments, etc.

  1. Jing

Jing is an extremely useful tool to take screenshots quickly and record video from the screen. It enables you to fill in the newly created picture or recorded video on the Internet and share a link of it with a friend, work colleague or client on the WWW.

Everything is arranged in a systematic manner in this app. When this app is started, the control element of the program appears in the form of the sun, on which you can go to create a screenshot or video from the screen, see the previously saved images, and make the necessary changes in the app settings. By using Jing editor, you can add arrows and frames of the appropriate colour, text comments, etc, to screenshots to make them more beautiful.

  1. KSnapshot

If you use the Linux operating system on your PC, laptop, or mobile devices, then KSnapshot deserves your attention. With its help, you can easily create screenshots in Linux. It allows you to take a snapshot of the entire screen, rectangular area, freeform area, selected window, and the window under the mouse cursor easily and effortlessly.

With an extremely simple and straightforward program interface, you can easily work with this app in conjunction with some kind of graphic editor. It supports various image formats, such as TGA, PPM, PCX, PBM, BMP, RGB, PGM, PNG, EPS, MNG, TIFF, PIC, XPM, JPEG-2000, XBM, and JPEG.

  1. Shutter

Shutter is an ideal tool for taking screenshots in a Linux environment with a built-in image editor for editing pictures. It allows you to take screenshots of a rectangular area, create snapshots of the active desktop and snapshots of a separate window element or the drop-down submenu of the application.

  1. ShrinkTheWeb PagePix

It is an ideal tool for professional website owners. It allows then to take the web page screenshot easily and effortlessly. You can also make further edits in screenshots as per your needs using a plugin or single line of code.

  1. Fraps

This app is aimed at taking screenshots in games. So, you can create amazing screenshots while playing your favourite video games. However, it can hang your device if you try to take the screenshot of the game it is not designed for.

Final Words

Always keep in mind that Screenshots have an important evidentiary value. They are actually images obtained by a computer and showing exactly what the user sees on the monitor screen or other visual output devices in a particular time. Generally, people get this digital image by the operating system or another program using the command. These are some excellent screenshot tools, using which you can easily take amazing screenshots.

Author Bio: Morris Edwards is an web developer & Marketing expert, employed with Awebstar Technologies Pte Ltd– which offers the best Web Designing Services in Singapore. He helps in creating web design for  all type of business websites.

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