Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Boosting Email Marketing

Email marketing is rising quickly since when it came into existence. Marketers launch email marketing campaigns to communicate directly with the targeted audience, advertise new products/services/events, get more traffic to their website and increase sales. As those who subscribe your newsletters are naturally interested to know anything new from your side, you get a better chance to engage them with your business. You can capture potential email leads if you dispatch the right message to your customers at the right time.

If you do email marketing for WordPress websites, several options are available that can make your email marketing campaign more compelling. In this article, we will talk about some WordPress plugins that can help you to run compelling E-mail marketing campaigns and generate more leads-

1. WPNewsman Lite

Availability: WordPress Plugin Directory
Active installs: 2,000+

WPNewsman lite is an ideal plugin if you want to develop a close relationship with your customers, grow your readership & generate sales quickly through E-mail marketing. You can create and send newsletters from within your WordPress website using this plugin.

It has two versions – lite and pro. The free version -WPNewsman Lite- offers you all basic things that you need to initiate E-mail marketing campaigns. You can use newsletters up to 2000 subscribers. The pro version offers some additional features and enables you to send emails to unlimited numbers of subscribers.

2. WP Email Capture

Availability: WordPress Plugin Directory
Active installs: 10,000+

If you want to build several email lists and optimize your email marketing efforts with a great ease, then WP Email Capture is the right tool for you. It allows you to increase awareness about your products and services by sending useful newsletters to your subscribers and create a list of loyal customers.

With this plugin, you can export your email list to leading autoresponder services, allowing you to respond your subscriber’s questions rapidly. It uses WordPress internal wp_mail feature to send emails. One of the best features of this plugin is that it has the double option to veryfy emails, which makes it compatible with CAN-SPAM act.

Don’t get worried if you lack the technical knowledge to create appealing newsletters. This plugin comes with some pre-installed templates, using which you can create attractive emails to woo your customers & capture leads. You can also track all your visitors who subscribe the email notifications of your website.

3. SendGrid

Availability: WordPress Plugin Directory
Active installs: 50,000+

SendGrid is an ideal solution to all email marketing companies that want unique reliability, scalability, and the quickest deliverability in their E-mail marketing campaigns. It offers cloud-based email delivery services, which allows companies to deliver emails quickly to their subscribers at the same time strictly following the anti-spam regulations.

Using this plugin, you can manage different types of emails such as sign-up confirmations, email newsletters, shipping notifications, etc. It also allows you to track spam reports, unsubscribes, bounces, and email opens. It swiftly improves the deliverability of application-generated emails and helps you to increase your subscribers.

Using its free service, you can send up to 12,000 emails per month. You may go for its premium version if you need to send more than 12.000 emails a month in the course of Email marketing campaigns.

4. Newsletter

Availability: WordPress Plugin Directory
Active installs: 200,000+

Newsletter is a highly applauded plugin that allows you to create professional newsletters easily. You can send HTML and text versions of Emails to your subscribers with this plugin. It offers the translation facility, which allows you to translate the emails into different languages and increase your subscribers easily by sending useful emails (in their own language) to them regularly.

Using this plugin, you can schedule a series of newsletters to be dispatched to your subscribers per day/hour, week or month, based on your needs. It also allows you to upload pictures into your e-newsletters to make them more appealing. It helps you to track the performance of your E-mail marketing campaigns such as new subscribers, email opens, leads created through E-mail marketing campaigns, user’s interest, unsubscribes, etc.

5. SendPress Newsletters

Availability: WordPress Plugin Directory
Active installs: 10,000+

SendPress is a good WordPress plugin if you are reeling under the pressure of conducting Email- marketing campaigns for your website and want to automate your activities to get more subscribers, leads, and visitors.

The most excellent feature of this plugin is that it helps you to import content from your website and schedule them to be sent to be sent to your subscribers at the right time. This plugin allows you to edit your content swiftly, add images, change colors, and preview them to create the most excellent newsletters, suitable for subscribers. It also allows you to send newsletters to subscribers with your web host or Gmail that too, totally free of cost.

6. Tribulant Newsletters

Availability: WordPress Plugin Directory
Active installs: 9,000+

If you have been launching E-mail marketing campaigns for several websites and facing problems to sustain the performance of your efforts, then Tribulant Newsletters may come at your rescue. This full-featured WordPress newsletter plugin helps you to perform E-mail marketing campaigns easily and achieve your goals.

Using this plugin, you can dispatch newsletters to your customers in their native language and can boost the chances of sales. It comes with several features, which allow you to set autoresponders to your website, send single/multiple posts to subscribers as emails, import/export subscribers & schedule emails to be sent at the fixed time to subscribers for generating the positive outcome.

7. Mail Subscribe List

Availability: WordPress Plugin Directory
Active installs: 20,000+

Mail Subscribe List is a simple, but useful plugin for WordPress bloggers/website operators who wish to increase the visibility of their websites/blogs and leads rapidly (through E-mail marketing). It is compatible with most of the E-mail service providers.

As the plugin is pre-processed with the basic settings, new Emil-marketers don’t face any problem when they perform different activities of Email-marketing. In order to personalize newsletters for your subscribers, you can customize settings too.

8. e-goi Mail List Builder

Availability: WordPress Plugin Directory
Active installs: 500+

If you need to send newsletters in bulk to your subscribers or handle multiple Email-marketing campaigns for different websites, then e-goi Mail List Builder can help you to automate your work easily with the desired output.

Actually, you just have to incorporate e-goi API with WordPress to take care of your newsletter subscriptions. It delivers instant notification for the content you want to be sent as newsletters. Its auto update feature automatically updates the list (of newsletters) whenever you add new content to your website. It helps you to deliver newsletters to your subscribers one after another.

9. List Builder

Availability: WordPress Plugin Directory
Active installs: 600+

Email marketing is not an easy work at all. Sometimes, you don’t fetch the desired results despite applying your best efforts to make your Email marketing campaigns successful. If you want to increase the number of your E-mail subscribers and give your site a bigger exposure, consider using List Builder.

This plugin allows you to add subscribers to your email list easily and send them personalized newsletters to boost your sales and leads. You can add your style, background images, CSS, languages to make Emails more interesting & useful for subscribers.

10. CircuPress

Availability: WordPress plugin Directory
Active installs: 30+

CircuPress is an exceptionally useful plugin for bloggers/Email marketers who conduct E-mail marketing campaigns frequently to capture more and more subscribers. This plugin comes with several useful features, which facilitate you to create newsletters on demand and send them automatically to the targeted customers.

Using this plugin, you can deal with subscribers easily and send them E-mails quickly from your WordPress administrative panel. It also lets you track CTR rate on your emails and track your E-mail marketing efforts.


Amid the crowd of several means of communication ( such as social media websites, instant messaging apps, etc), email still is an important tool to connect with your targeted audience, bring them back on your website and engage them in your business. If you do Email marketing for WordPress website, the above shortlisted plugins will help you to have a creative dialogue with your subscribers through emails and increase your business clout rapidly.

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