How to Drive More Traffic to your WordPress E-commerce Store?

Launching a full-fledged eCommerce store on WordPress would be a great idea for those who want to grow their business, without getting into the core of technical and coding aspects. WordPress makes it super easy for merchants and business owners to create and customize a beautiful and highly-interactive online store- thanks to its wide range of eCommerce plugins.

However, creating an eCommerce site is just the beginning of your web journey. If you want to build strong brand awareness, drive quality traffic and higher conversions, you will need to create traffic driving strategies to attract more visitors and web customers.

With that great concept in mind, we will go through some of the most impressive tricks that will help you drive more traffic towards your WordPress online store.

1. Implement Best SEO Practices

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an effective practice that can help your online store get better rank on Google and other trusted search engine platforms. Since people look for a brand or a similar product you are offering first on Google search page, it becomes essential for you to optimize your e-store to get top ranking on SERPs.

So, make sure you do proper keyword research, optimize the content of your web store, create SEO-friendly URL permalinks, create search engine friendly web design structure, submit an XML sitemap, create keyword rich alt-in text for your product images to let search engine crawlers and web visitors to your web store easily.

Apart from this, stay updated with the latest Google algorithm, SEO trends and techniques if you want to get the most out of it.

2. Write Valuable Content

Most of the online shoppers read the product descriptions or blogs before buying a product from eCommerce websites. Even, they judge the credibility of web stores with the quality of their content. This means your online sales largely depends on how you create a masterpiece in the form of quality, engaging and valuable content.

Even, Google also prefers fresh and informative content that can add some or the other value to the interest of potential web visitors. Just make sure that your articles and blog posts are keyword-rich – as this will keep you ahead in this digital landscape.

Also, ensure that you write content on new, interest and business-related subjects that can help customers explore more about your products and service with ease. This can help you drive quality leads to your website in a breeze.

3. Create Striking Landing Pages

A web visitor’s online buying journey starts from a landing page and ends on a checkout page. It means creating an inviting landing page and adding necessary web design elements can help you get more clicks through other pages of your web store, which in turn, boost your online sales.

So, it would be better if you show your popular products, special offers, featured images, most trending blogs, and CTA button on your landing page to collect their email addresses and prompt them to begin their buying journey on your online store.

To drive quality traffic to your e-store, you can also add featured video to encourage people to explore more about your brand and also recommend others to visit your website at least for once. This will help you build the network of new customers.

4. Grow Your Subscribers List

Email marketing is one of the most traditional yet powerful ways to reach to a large number of targeted web audience with ease. Whether you have a small business or a big one, collecting email addresses for growing subscriber’s list is one of the incredible techniques of driving leads.

Building strong email list can help you convert your one-time visitors into subscribers and potential customers. You can send newsletters and official emails related to your brand, products, and services to encourage them to visit your site and buy something.

And one of the best ways to do this is by offering something away at a free of cost when they fill out the subscription form. Give something valuable such as e-books, or discount coupon or tips that can add value to their interest. This entices customers to provide their email addresses and enjoy free gifts.

5. Go Mobile-Friendly

Smartphones and other advanced mobile devices have changed the way people used to interact with the eCommerce store websites and app. Now online shoppers are making the purchase via their mobile devices rather than desktop systems.

This means creating a mobile-friendly WordPress eCommerce store can drastically boost the flow of web traffic and generate higher revenues for your business. Make sure your content, product images, widgets, and layouts works amazingly across different mobile devices and screen sizes.

Giving rich and seamless shopping experience to mobile users can help you get better ranking on Google search engine result page. Its because Google will now prefer mobile friendly websites over non-friendly ones while determining their SEO ranking.

Fortunately, WordPress has a ton of a ton of responsive and mobile-friendly themes that can help you boost the shopping experience of your web store regardless of the type of device and screen size.


Creating rich user experience, simple and consistent web design, magnetic landing pages, SEO practices and high-quality content can help you drive qualitative and quantitative traffic to your WordPress eCommerce store with ease.

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