10 Online Places To Learn Coding

Learning different programming languages help you in many ways. It enables you to understand the technical part of web design and development, take care of UX and UI issues, reduce your dependence on full-time web developers, and save lots of money that you spend on hiring programmers.

Due to various reasons, you may not like going to a formal classroom to learn coding or read plain and boring programming languages books. So, how can you learn coding easily and quickly?

Well, there are various resources available on the Internet which help you to learn various programming languages such as HTML, JS, CSS, PHP, etc. Have a look at 10 best options which are detailed here below:

1. TutsPlus

This website offers 23,666 tutorials and 1,001 courses. All these help you to learn a number of programming languages and other creative skills of game development, web design, music, photography, video, etc.

All of these courses and tutorials are based on the step-by-step guide, practicals, and screenshots so that you can easily comprehend the instruction easily and quickly.

2. Codecademy

It is one of the best places to learn various programming languages. You can even attend classes in 6 different programming languages- CSS, HTML, Ruby, Python and Jquery.

All of its courses are well-structured. You can check your coding skills with on-screen console available on the main page of the site. You don’t need to worry about making mistakes while writing codes as code panels will notify you about your errors and guide you how to write codes correctly.

3. Code Avengers

This website aims to help you learn the JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5. All of its courses are designed in such a way that they help you to enhance your coding skills. For beginners, it adopts a gradual approach and provides them essential instructions and basics so that they can learn the coding without feeling any stress.

You can also learn the various tricks of the Web development, app development, and game development. Some courses available on this site are premium. You will need to spend $29 to $35 for most of the courses. You can acquire a lifetime access to all of these courses simply by spending $144 at one time.

4. Code School

If you know the basics of coding and want to enhance your coding skills at the advanced level, then this website is for you. It provides you in-depth and detailed knowledge of programming languages that enables you to create appealing websites and apps. You can check your coding skills here too. In order to access some of its courses, you will need to spend $25 a month. Always keep in mind that this website is not suitable for amateur coders.

5. Tree House

This is a good website for all those people who want to learn coding keeping specific goals in minds such as creating websites or apps. Depending on your needs, you can choose any course. For example- if you are willing to create a professional website, you can get the related course easily.

You can watch the interactive videos and go through the lessons to understand the basics of different programming languages. You may test your coding skills by participating in a quiz and see what you have learned. Based on the results, you can change your learning tactics accordingly.

6. Free Code Camp

It is a community of IT professionals, coders, web developers, and students. Through this website, you can learn various programming languages such as JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, DevTools, etc. On this platform, you can work with leading coders and learn how to solve complex coding problems. It will help you to improve your coding skills, enabling you to create professional websites or apps easily.

7. GitHub

While writing codes for websites/apps, themes, plugins, and extensions, on many occasions, you come across complex coding issues. In order to solve them, you need the reference materials without any delay. It is often very difficult to carry a huge cache of such materials with you at all the times.

However, you can use GitHub to access the details of 80 different programming languages and solve coding issues easily. All these materials are regularly updated by the contributors.

8. Bento

If you want to gain expertise in front and backend programming skills, then Bento will be the most appropriate option for you. Expert coaching classes, availability of written code materials, and interactive tutorial videos – all these make this platform different from other similar options. It also makes you aware of latest development technologies, enabling you to write codes for all types of web design and development needs.

9. CodeHS

At CodeHS, you not only learn different programming languages but also get useful lessons that help you a lot in solving numerous issues related to coding, game design, website/app design, data structures, etc.

The best thing about this website is that it enables you to think like an expert programmer (by giving you the necessary instructions) while writing codes or solving coding issues. It increases your confidence level and you may learn coding rapidly.

The basic programming course is free. You need to pay $25 per month to keep learning advanced coding skills and other useful materials.

10. GA Dash

You can learn a number of programming languages on this website such as CSS, HTML, JS and others. The best thing about this site is that it lets you know how to write codes properly and create interactive websites within a short time span. You can participate in website development projects and can learn how you can create responsive sites professionally without any flaw.

Wind Up

Learning different programming languages is always beneficial for you if you want to dominate web design and development field. These are some useful online resources that help you learn coding skills easily with fun.

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