Important Tips to Design a Website Logo

Do you really think that designing any sort of logo design service is really a simple task? Well, you definitely have to think about this again. Designing a logo is not merely a task to design any square, circle or any type of shape and just ending a day and think, it’s done! Designing a logo is more of a crafting a visual identity or perception of business or brand. The designers of a logo these days are really in high demand and it’s not a rumor because there is a solid reason behind this high in demand job. It is an open secret that first impression of any kind of company or brand is the logo. Professional logo design service is a thing which really can influence the customer’s perception of the brand, decision making on the purchase plus overall attitude as far as the company’s product is concerned.

Today is the world where there is a bombardment of painted or digital logos. Even, it is fun fact but at the same time a reality that toddler can recognize the certain logo who cannot tie his or her shoelace on his own properly. These toddlers even are now able to figure out what this particular brand sells, just by glancing at its trademark. For those aspirants who are thinking or about to plan to take on a journey pertaining to designing a brand of the logo, or ponder that times have come for their existing company to undergo visual identity, below are some pro tips to provide you for your guidance and as to how you can craft a logo.

– Be Clever and Unique

A logo is simply described as the digital design which can completely differentiate you from your existing competitors. Therefore it is really important that the logo’s image definitely looks outstanding from the others. This really is a point where most of the brands struggle.

In many different cases, the best form of adulation is in the shell of limitation. With brands logo design this really is not the point. What is crucial is to craft something which you believe is dissimilar from any other thing already in existence. David Airey is a designer related to graphics and the originator of the famous website called as Logo Design Love describes his point as “It is very unlikely (perhaps impossible in fact) which you craft will be considered as original. But this should be the ultimate goal.”

Another creative director of the website who designed the site via crowdsourcing known as 99 Designs named Deborah Harkins, is of the opinion that the biggest risk is of the plagiarism. Once anything goes online, there is almost no guarantee at all that it will not be utilized in some form or shape in any different forum. Those designers of brands logo design who are categorized as unsure regarding their originality-related to the design can really check in terms of plagiarism on websites like Logo Thief.

Crafting a unique and different logo design is not only about avoidance of limitation, but too about designing or crafting something out of this world. It is really luring to simply throw an icon of the industry on a page, but at the same time, it is vital to think in a creative fashion. The logo of the Mercedes is not really a car. The logo of Virgin Atlantic is not certainly an airplane. The logo of tech giant Apple is not itself a computer. An author in his book wrote.

– The Brand Understanding

A logo is signified as an image, but it is too a brand’s introduction. The logo has to reach a specified audience. Also when you are designing any logo, you should keep this point in your mind. The best thing is to jot down on the paper, what you are thinking. Bring the perception in your mind about the brand. If you need some inspiration, just go and visit the website Niice. However, you must have to go in the path of deeper meaning as against the path of aesthetics. If you are researching any other visual brand and taking it all too in the literal meaning, you are certainly not designing in the right way. Any logo design service work must be thoroughly original. Map your design directly towards the unique attributes of your client’s brand.

There is always a question in between the evoking emotion or focused utility-driven as far as brand is concerned. Is the brand quirky or contemporary? What does the company or brand aspire towards or what is the customer care of the brand is all about? Yes, it is crucial to stay up to date as far as trendy designs are concerned, but it is more important to remain relevant regarding the all-embracing personality of the brand.

You need to know what your brand logo means, as compared to anything. Every logo design has some kind of unique history, loaded with purpose and some sort of meaning. Take the example of Apple. There is a fruit where a byte is missing, or take the instance of logo design of Wikipedia where there are puzzle pieces related to an unfinished globe with systems of different writing styles. Both the mentioned logos are simple in look, yet they beautifully give the ideology of their brand.

Mr. Harkins urges about the value of understanding the brand. He argues that the logo is nothing but the keystone of the visual of the brand. The most precise expression of the brand’s personality. A possible honest approach to describe the brand’s DNA and is important to get a successful outcome.

– Color is Cornerstone

While taking into account the personality of the brand, you really have to ponder about each aspect of an image. Bold and bright colors may steal the attention of someone, but they also have the chance to look brash.

Each color has separate implication and has the ability to bring variation to the brand’s message. The message of different colors are:

Red- bold, energetic
Green Growth, organic
Blue- professional, trustworthy, etc.

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