How Long Does SEO Take To Work And Get First-Page Google Results?

If you are planning to start your SEO journey, you should be sure about how it works or what areas to emphasize. Don’t forget that working for a top rank is worth the effort. The first page of google catches most of the crowd, making SEO all the more important for any business.

The main work of SEO is that it examines, analyzes, and changes a website for search engine optimization. It might take a few weeks or months for the SEO to work and get first-page google results. But if you are not getting the first-page Google results, there is probably something wrong with your SEO strategy.

Let’s look at how long SEO takes to work before we discuss other things about Google’s first page results.

How Long Does SEO Take To Get First-Page Google Results?

Numerous SEO websites will tell you that the SEO takes about 4-6 months to show results. But, if the websites are new, it might take more than 12 months to show the results. On the other hand, a recognized site may show results within 30-90 days.

As per SEO, it takes about three to six months to get the first-page google results. The ranking of the website also depends on the competition. If the competition is high, it might take more time to get to the first page.

Backend effort is crucial in helping Google rank your page or website. For better optimization, you must look around and learn from the practices of top-ranking websites. Here are two foremost things you must implement to work on SEO in a much better way.

#1 Compare Your Business And Competitors.

Are you providing unique and high-value products & services to your customers? If you are a firm that provides high-value services, then it might not take much time to see results and get to the first page in google results.

#2 Examine Your Competitors.

The main reason SEO takes a long time to work and get first-page google results is competition. It requires a lot of data collection and observation to examine the competitors and achieve success. A company working with SEO is way ahead of other competitors who are working without SEO.

Reasons For Your Content Is Not Ranking On Google

It gets frustrating when you work so hard for your website and end up getting a poor rank on google. Most people make common SEO mistakes  that do not allow their content to rank on Google, such as;

  • You are choosing competitive keywords: It will become challenging for you to get first-page google results if you choose highly competitive keywords. Trying to rank high-difficulty keywords like “burger restaurant” and “car service” can be problematic and will give you stress more than success. Instead, use long-tail keywords that are 3-5 words phrases like “best burger restaurant in Sydney” or “car service centre in New York.” Use keywords that are less competitive and relevant to your customers. Using keyword research tools can also help a lot.
  • You don’t have good backlinks: The website’s domain authority and relevance are significant in ranking websites. Websites that do not have a backlink portfolio will have less domain authority and, therefore, have a problem ranking their content.
  • Your content is irrelevant: Marketers mostly make the content they assume their audience wants to see. Ensure that the audience reads your content and engages with the topic. You can use google planner and google trends if you are unsure about your content. Not re-reading your content is also one of the reasons for not ranking well.
  • Your content is out-of-date: Are you trying to rank your content but haven’t updated it yet? You should keep updating your content to boost rankings, especially paying more attention to those topics that are not showing promising results.
  • You have technical issues: Creating a website is difficult, but ranking it at a higher position is even more challenging. Many problems can hold up the ranking of your content, like privacy, coding errors, broken links, etc. Before writing any new content, it is essential to solving your old technical issues.
  • Your content is concise: This is proved that the length of your content is related to your ranking. Lengthy contents get more backlinks, and because of this, your content gets higher domain authority and therefore receives higher-ranking positions.
  • The speed of your website is too slow: Ask yourself, “What do you do when a website is too slow to load?” You leave it. Site speed is a significant factor for those trying to rank their content. There are many reasons for a slow website, like compact media files, too many ads, etc. A slow website speed will leave a wrong first impression on visitors. To test the speed of your website, use Google’s page speed test.

Tips To Get First-Page Google Results

Google is the platform where most people turn to find their information. However, getting on the first page of google results is not easy; it takes patience, time, and constant maintenance. If you want to get on the first page, the following tips can help you.

  • Speed up the page loading time. The loading time of a website’s page should not be more than 4 seconds.
  • Be sure your website is mobile-adaptive, as most of the website traffic comes from mobile.
  • Add all vital information to your profile, like address, and photos, share updates and FAQs, and tell customers how to buy from you.
  • You can also leave a section for the customer’s review.
  • Keep updating your content frequently because outdated content will not always stay relevant.

Wrapping It Up!

Beginning with the SEO journey until getting to the first page of google results is a long and challenging process. You cannot achieve success within a few months.

Stick to building your perfect SEO strategies to get your content to rank higher. The only way to get ranked on Google is to build good SEO strategies and improve them from time to time. And above all, patience is the key for all content creators. You must be patient while generating high-quality content and working on your SEO strategies. Only then will your content will see the light of day.

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