7 WordPress Plugins For Creating High-Quality Content

A content which is well-structured, SEO optimized, 100% original, and offers the accurate value to the targeted audience, is called high-quality content. When you operate a website to promote your business or company, creating high-quality content is the most important step. It helps you to generate enough traffic to your site, turn visitors into loyal customers & generate leads.

Writing high-quality content is a time-consuming and complicated task. You have to collect the required materials from different sources, read them out carefully, write the content in your own style and language, and check it for errors before the final delivery.

If you write content for WordPress websites, you may use WordPress plugins to ensure the propagation of quality contents without any fuss. A list of 7 WordPress plugins is given below. Just have a glance over them and select those which you deem necessary-

1. ImageInject

When you add relevant images to the content, it helps people to go through the content easily and understand the main message quickly. Therefore, while publishing a new content to your site, you can use the ImageInject plugin. It helps you to look for attractive images for your post from your WordPress editor screen.

When you find the exact images you need, you can add and edit them as per your needs within a few clicks. It makes your website posts more compelling and you get more traffic to your site.

2. Edit Flow

It is very difficult to streamline and arrange the contribution of all authors when you operate a multi-author WordPress site. However, with Edit Flow, you can easily perform that action.

This plugin offers you a number of modular tools to deal with authors and writers, ensure active communication among them, and manage your content. It has a calendar, which allows you to see the actual status of your content and take action accordingly.

3. WP Word Count

When a operate a multi-author WordPress blog, it is often a problem for you to track the word count of all contributors. However, with the help of WP Word Count, you can easily do that. It offers you a detailed report on the largest post/pages on your website and total words contributed by authors in a month. It also comes with a sidebar widget, which allows you to showcase the word count to visitors if you wish.

4. PrePost SEO

When you create a new content, it is very important for you to check its uniqueness and other errors before posting it on your website. The manual process of checking a content can take a considerable amount of time.

So, you can use PrePost SEO plugin for that purpose. Using this plugin, you can easily check duplication in content, the exact status of links, grammatical errors, keyword density, headings, meta tags, content status (total number of words, characters, HTML to text ratio, etc,) and find out SEO mistakes on your site.

You can use this tool to improve your SEO exercise and optimize the content very well so that they can be placed nicely in search engine results.

5. Zedity

Zedity is actually a content creation plugin, using which you can add, replace and adjust or change the position of various types of content on your website without any difficulty. Apart from this, you can also build an attractive layout for your site without editing a single code. So, it’s a helpful tool for you if you operate a WordPress website that has lots of content, animations, graphics, images and sliders.

The plugin is made available in free and premium versions. If you choose its premium version, you access some additional features such as touch screen editing option through mobile phones, auto-snap alignment boxes, etc.

6. Articoolo

When you write content for your site regularly, it is often difficult for you to come up with new ideas. In order to solve this problem by using the Articoolo WordPress plugin. It helps you to create high-quality content and proofread them for errors easily within a few minutes. Just choose a topic and allow the plugin write the content.

7. Table of Contents Plus

When you publish long posts on your website, adding a table of content helps you to break up your article in small sections and highlight the main sections of your articles. It helps visitors to read the whole content easily and find the required stuff easily. It also allows Google to display rich snippets in its search results.

Therefore, you can use Table of Contents Plus plugin. It automatically creates the table of contents for long pages on your site and displays them before the first heading on a web page. It improves the reading experience of visitors up to a great extent.

Final Words

By using the above-mentioned WordPress plugins, you can create quality content in an easy way and dominate the digital world.

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