How to Build a Strong Brand Identity with Web Design

Whether you run a small or big company, you are bound to create an easily recognizable and esteemed brand if you want to sustain in the business world for a long period of time. Great products and services are essential to the success of your business. But, all these are worthless if customers don’t have a great experience when they visit your website.

Actually, your website works like a point of contact between you and your potential customers. If your site is well designed, it creates a trust factor for your business brand and helps customers to know about your core business activities. So, what experiments can you make in website design and development to boost your business brand? Let’s think seriously and find out.

1. Use Colors Wisely

When you create a new website, it is very important for you to choose the color patterns carefully. In fact, the selection of color determines the overall appearance of your website and helps visitors to make an opinion about it. It helps your website to attract visitors and encourage them to spend more time on it.

There are some suggestions that you should keep in mind while choosing color patterns for your website-

  • Web designers use a number of colors to make their website colorful and attractive. Using too many colors on your website may distract visitors. Therefore, just use maximum 2-3 colors to design your website.
  • Choose the color in accordance with the products/services you sell. For example- if you sell milk or related products, there is no benefit of using black color. Simply use white color. It will represent your business to the customers in an easy way.
  • You need to take care of the color preference of targeted audience as well.
  • You must know the use of different colors-

Black – For website text, art and photography websites.

Purple- For vacation or religious websites.

Blue- For websites offering dairy products, high-tech products, etc. Don’t use it for website text.

Green- For all types of websites associated with nature, tourism websites, etc. It is an eye pleasing color and is used extensively by web designers.

Yellow- It attracts children especially and can be used to create websites that deal in leisure products. It must be used as an accent color as it causes strain in eyes if used alone.

Orange-It attracts the younger generation. Food companies and technical companies use it prominently to attract more and more clients and visitors.

Red- It can be used for CTA buttons as they arouse customers to take actions.

If you are unable to choose appropriate colors for your website, you can use color picking tools.

2. Choose The Right Typography

In spite of the growing importance of images on websites, the text still holds great significance. It is because of fact that most of the people still visit websites to read their content. So, it is very important for you to select the right typography font.

A website with good typography can fascinate visitors easily and assist them to search what they want. It improves the conversion rate and helps the website owners to achieve the end target easily.

There are approx 26,487 fonts, used by web designers all around the world. If you are a web designer, stop thinking about website typography only from the aesthetic angle and use those fonts that grab visitor’s attention and connect people with their beloved brand names.

3. Website Design And Layout

Visitors judge a website with its design, layout & content in most of the cases. It doesn’t matter how compelling your content is, if your website design and layout is not soothing, it is possible that visitors may not visit your site in the future.

Therefore, if you really care about your business and brand, you need to pay attention to your site’s design and layout. You can take the following actions in this context:

  • Try to keep your website design and its layout simple and clutter-free. It should have an easy navigation system, allowing visitors to find easily what they are looking for.
  • Display all your content beautifully and add search/popup feature to your site. It will allow visitors to find old/new content easily.
  • Take care of webpage dimensions and restrict the width & height of web pages (based on your needs) so that the most important content on your site’s pages are easily viewable by visitors.
  • Reduce the size of text, image, javascript files, supporting files to save your valuable resources and help your website or its pages load quickly.
  • Make sure that your website doesn’t have broken links.

4. Place Your Logo Appropriately On Your Website

Every business owner has a unique log to represent his/her business visually. It helps them to differentiate their business from others and help people easily recognize their brand. In order to make their website different from others, there are many entrepreneurs who do excessive experiments when it comes to the placement of the logo on their websites. Inaccurate placement of logos can ruin the volume of business opportunists you get.

Don’t make unnecessary experiments with logo placement on your site. Generally, you should place your logo to the upper hand corner of your site as it allows visitors to have a look at your brand easily and deal with your products and services.

However, there is no definite rule in this regard. You should think about your targeted audience and find out their preference in seeing (the placement of logo on your site). Depending on your specific needs, you can place the logo at different places of your site such as the right-hand corner, above/below the content, etc.

5. Photography

Right photography is another important aspect of your website and brand building. It helps visitors to easily find the products/services on your site and understand the main message of a content. So, you should do some photography work and click excellent images to complement your text content.

If you are not expert in photography, you can hire a professional photographer to make sure that the images and visuals you use on your site, are representing your core business messages to customers/clients/potential visitors and encourage them to try your products and services.

6. Revitalize Your Brand Regularly

In this modern and rapidly changing world, the mood of users changes frequently. It is very difficult for a business operator to keep their customers interested in his/her brand for a long period of time as new options keep flourishing at regular intervals.

If you don’t make necessary changes in your brand, there is a high probability that people will lose their interest in your brand and go for a new option which is more pleasing than yours.

Therefore, to attract new customers and maintain the existing ones, you should revitalize your brand at regular intervals. Based on your needs, change your brand logo, its color, business messages, website structure, etc, and add new features with which customers are comfortable.

Takeaway Notion

Creating a strong brand identity is essential for all business owners and firms. They can use these website design and development techniques to polish their business brand and acquire the desired success.

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