7 Best Security Extensions for Magento

Various security vulnerabilities are a major threat to Magento websites. In spite of all precautions and security measures applied by entrepreneurs to secure their websites, the emergence of new security threats gives them sleepless nights. Just a single security loophole is enough to bring their E-commerce ventures down within a few minutes.

So, what they can do to protect their Magento websites? They can use Magento security extensions to safeguard their Magento E-commerce site against the majority of attacks from hackers and security breaches. Let’s have a quick glance at some prominent security extensions detailed here-

1. Login Security

Cost: Free

While using various E-accounts, you often get emails from service providers when your account is used on a new device or location. They notify you when someone uses your email and makes a request for the password change to break into your account. The same methodology is applied on Magento websites by hackers.

But, by using the Login security extension, you can abolish this problem up to a great extent. It automatically checks the password for every login. It informs you instantly when somebody tries to access your Magento site using your email id on other devices and locations. Upon receiving notification, you can take the necessary step and keep your site safe from hackers.

2. MageFence

Cost: $159.00

Losing access to your well-maintained Magento site or getting blacklisted by search engines just because of a single security breach always hurts passionate entrepreneurs. In order to protect their site from all types of online security threats, they can purchase MageFence extension just @ 159 US dollars.

MageFence is a robust security module that automatically blocks suspicious activities on your Magento site and keeps it safe from hackers. It also scans your website internally from time-to-time and notifies you if it finds any potentially unwanted changes. When you get this extension, you get Two-Factor Verification extension (of worth $59) totally free of cost.

You can use this extension to activate two-factor authentication on your site and increase its security.

3. MageSecure

Cost: $89.00

When you install this extension on your website, it checks your site against a number of security vulnerabilities, that hackers use to break into your site and take control of it. The plus point of this extension is that you can use it for both Magento enterprise and community edition websites.

4. MageFirewall Security

Cost: Free

MageFirewall security is a right security extension with which you can protect your Magento site against different types of online security breaches and hacking attempts. It adds an additional layer of security to your site. It also tracks suspicious users who try to send malicious traffic to the site with a vile intention to bring it down. You get instant notification about all dubious activities taking place on your site. You can block them instantly to keep your site safe.

5. Spam Killer

Cost: Free

Online Spamming is a major problem on the World Wide Internet. A website that receives lots of traffic is likely to be flooded with spam comments and activities. The manual process of handling spam is a time taking and irritating work.

If you are troubled with Spamming on your Magento site, then use Spam Killer. It automatically filters, tracks, and block spammers and keeps your site safe from them.

6. So You ARE a Human!

Cost: Free

When you run Magento sites, from time-to-time, you get automated entries on your site from robots and spam bots. They are planted by bully elements to hack your site, steal your digital resources and undermine your E-commerce business.

You can use this plugin to keep your site safe from the attack of the endless numbers of automated queries. The plugin asks users to fill up a CAPTCHA before they generate requests. Robots can’t surpass CAPTCHAs and thus, your site remains safe.

7. SafePay Network

Cost: Free

Rapidly increasing online payment frauds are causing a big damage to E-commerce business operators. It creates an atmosphere of panic and apprehension among online shoppers. As a result, they hesitate to share their banking details on E-commerce websites while purchasing products and services. It hampers the growth of E-commerce websites.

In order to protect transactions on your Magento site and stop financial frauds, you should use this extension. When you use it on your site, customers can easily pay you while keeping their banking details safe & confidential.

The extension keeps a close eye on all transactions that take place on your site and sends customers instant notifications when they use their credit/debit cards to make payment. Only after their confirmation, a transaction is completed. It effectively prevents the use of stolen and cloned credit/debit cards for online shopping.

Final Words

Security is the first prerequisite of E-commerce business. Online shoppers love to buy from secured E-commerce sites. Just use the above-mentioned Magento security extensions to increase the security of your Magento sites and run a lucrative E-commerce business without any problem.


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