5 Best Examples of Progressive Web Apps

There is no secret left now because online ventures’ success and profitability are dependent on their performance. As a result, a new standard known as Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) is used by websites across industries to improve their speed. It is a front-end technology that aims to deliver good performance regardless of device or network condition. Indeed, it is supported by Google. Moreover, they accomplish this by imbuing PWAs with native-app features such as reliability, speed, and engagement. Do you want to have more traction on your mobile app? Hire React js developer to convert your mobile app into a PWA app.

PWAs are a relatively new notion for most people, although gaining a lot of attention. Converting traditional websites to Progressive Web Apps has been a trendy topic in the previous year, so you’ll almost certainly hear about it. Moreover, this new technology uses modern web APIs to provide consumers with a native-app-like experience.

What Is A Progressive Web Application (PWA)?

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) are web applications that use web technologies that we’re all familiar with, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They do, however, have the look and feel of a native app. Hold on a second. What do we mean when we say “native apps”?

A native app is a software application developed in a specific programming language for a particular device platform, such as IOS or Android.

PWAs include features such as push notifications and the ability to work offline. Furthermore, Progressive Web Apps may run offline, allowing users to continue surfing the app even if their network connection is poor or unavailable. Indeed, they are built on and enhanced with the current APIs making it simple to deliver the improved features.

In fact, PWAs take advantage of the vast web ecosystem that includes plugins and communities. Also, the relative ease of deploying and maintaining a website is contrary to a native application. As a result, you may create a PWA quickly and easily. To have your own PWA app, avail of React js development services from a reputable web app development agency at a reasonable price.

Is a Progressive Web App (PWA) Necessary If We Already Have A Mobile App?

Why not, right? Progressive Web Apps have several benefits over native apps. Indeed, it is easier for customers to install a PWA than a native app. Users must go to an app store, search for, download, and install the mobile app instead of clicking the “Add to home screen” button and waiting for a few seconds to install the PWA.

Do you know that Progressive Web Application uses less data storage than the native app? In short, offering both a Progressive Web App and a mobile app to your customers will be the best thing you can do for them.

Has anyone used Progressive Web Apps and had success with them?

Yes, many firms have created their own Progressive Web Apps and gained success with them. The best approach to fully comprehend how a Progressive Web App differs from traditional responsive web pages is to examine some solid PWA examples.

List of impressive Progressive Web App examples

Here, we will list down the top PWA app used by different industries.


To provide a great experience to the customers, Starbucks creates a PWA web app for user-friendly online ordering. It delivers a similar experience to their existing native app. To put it another way, Starbucks PWA allows consumers to explore the menu, modify their orders, and add items to their carts when they are offline. Have you ever thought about How much small the PWA app is from the iOS app of Starbucks? It is 99.84% and has become the popular choice among users.


BMW, a pioneer of the automobile industry says they are not afraid of the new technology, whether it is in their cars or on their website. To improve the consumer experience, the brand aimed to produce high-quality, engaging material that reflected the company’s values.

The new BMW PWA provides consumers with a ‘wow’ experience. The high-resolution photographs and videos are the first thing that everybody notices. And the website loads almost swiftly with all of these elements (4X times faster than the old site). Also, there was a 50% increase in mobile users and a 49% increase in site visits compared to the prior site. You can also convert your existing mobile app into PWA technology. And to do you need to hire React js developer.


Flipboard is a remarkable example of a Progressive Web App (PWA) for online news. The PWA uses as little data as possible to provide a smooth and quick browsing experience with a beautiful design. Flipboard was a mobile app that only appeared on mobile devices until the debut of their PWA. As a result, the PWA now allows Flipboard to give a web experience that is equivalent to their full-featured native app.


The website is an excellent example of a Progressive Web App. India’s top travel company receives roughly eight million visitors, with mobile traffic accounting for two-thirds of all traffic. MakeMyTrip developed a PWA that resulted in a quick, dependable, and polished mobile-web experience as mobile and became the most favored channel for booking among their clients. MakeMyTrip increased user sessions by 160 percent while lowering the bounce rate by 20 percent. To increase the engagement of your mobile app, hire React js developer to create a PWA app.


Pinterest built their new mobile web experience from the ground up as a PWA, with an eye toward worldwide expansion. Due to poor mobile performance, the social network discovered that only 1% of its mobile users convert into sign-ups, logins, or app installs.

The agency realized that there is a significant opportunity to boost conversion. So, they rebuilt the mobile site utilizing PWA technology, which resulted in several excellent outcomes. And when compared to the prior mobile web, time spent is up 40%, user-generated ad income is up 44%, and core engagements are up 60%.


Besides the above examples of PWA Apps, there are still more agencies that use this technology. Now, you might realize the capability of the PWA apps. So, to develop your PWA app, hire React js developer.


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