Why It Is Now Essential To Transform Your HTML Website into WordPress Theme

The roadmap from websites created with pure HTML to WordPress was not an easy one. From an all text user experience, website design has moved on to superior and interactive online presence. In addition to that, now content management systems do most of the work and we no longer have to write markup on our own.

However, that doesn’t mean that static HTML sites don’t subsist anymore. In fact, HTML5, the newest iteration of the markup language, is very dominant and enables you to develop quality website portals without a content management system (CMS).

Yet, the mounting market share of WordPress showcases that more and more people are moving quickly to the platform. For some of them, it means just moving from an HTML site to WordPress theme. However, this theme transformation and WordPress theme development can actually be an off-putting task, if you don’t hire a WordPress developer for quality WordPress Development Services.

Moving from HTML to WordPress Theme

No matter which process you decide on, some things are commonly essential for switching from HTML to WordPress. Foremost you require picking a hosting plan.

While you might already have one, it is vital you make sure the server you have is fitting for WordPress. The needs of the CMS and a static HTML site are different.

Additionally, there are multiple hosting choices, so it is essential for thinking and exploring it. Creating a local WordPress installation is also required while switching from HTML to WordPress which makes things easy and getting started.

Below is the easiest method to transform an HTML site to a WordPress theme with simple steps:

  1. Generate a theme folder and basic files
  2. Copy present CSS to the WordPress style sheet
  3. Separate your current HTML set-up
  4. Modify the call for style sheet from HTML format to WordPress
  5. Construct a screenshot and upload the theme

Why Transforming HTML Website To WordPress Is Significant

Today PSD to HTML and then HTML to WordPress which leads to PSD to WordPress conversion is used extensively. As WordPress delivers a wide range of benefits, it is highly recommended for website creation. Soin this blog post, we have showcased some of the key reasons behind transforming your HTML website into WordPress theme and even the added advantages of switching to this open source platform.

So, Let’s Get Going . . .

  • Effortless To Set-Up And Dealing With It

WordPress is relatively simple to set up and use with the support of excellent plugins as well as an energetic community accessible round the clock. This CMS provides a number of powerful plugins and useful themes making web development services much straightforward. They are further used to add extensive functionalities and features to the websites. With WordPress, the website coding turns trouble-free as it is not much on the technical side today. This is the reason a number of startups prefer using the WordPress services and platform.

  • Highly Powerful And Flexible CMS

The HTML sites are static having more pages with lines of hard codes which are difficult to work within today’s advanced technology world and limited time with the professionals. Each of these pages just possesses one single HTML file having the same design and web layout.

On the other side, WordPress sites are more comfortable to build, flexible to use, have access to consistent updates and painless to handle. WordPress was initially developed for publishing objectives with a lot of content management functionalities embedded in the platform, which instead makes it more powerful today. So, it has got a greater inclination for the website owners with its influential and supple CMS over the static HTML web design services.

  • Backed By a Massive Community of Developers

WordPress has got an energetic community in the backend to support professional developers and guide beginners in solving their issues. Being an open-source platform – the users keep on putting their efforts to enhance this platform. The new updates released consistently assist all sorts of users to remain updated with the present happenings in the WordPress space.

  • The Platform Can be Tailored as Per Design Requirements

WordPress offers the liberty of tailoring your website as per the designs by selecting a correlated theme. The theme customizations primarily may look like an intricate job but it is undemanding to bring about, of course, with the support of the brilliant WordPress community.

Thus, WordPress can advance be used for creating websites as per the business preferences. The looks and the functionalities can also be customized further, which is, of course, for the gain of the business. For customizing the sites, users can have the selection of deciding on them either from free and premium WordPress themes.

Now that we have discussed in the context of why WordPress is chosen over HTML sites, here is a note on which form of coding will seem perfect for WordPress to HTML conversion.

Although there are ready HTML to WordPress conversion tools available in marketplaces, however, it cannot contest to the outcomes you have through manual coding predominantly when it is dealing with converting HTML website to WordPress theme. Thus, it is a better option to prefer the Award Winning WordPress Development Company.


Having so many benefits working with WordPress Development Services, switching to this effective platform is always profitable. Today in this ever transforming and competitive corporate world, having a dynamic WordPress website can be the critical solution for your business to grow in the existing markets as well as new technology domains.


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