MilesWeb Reseller Hosting for Web Developers

Do you own a website development business? Then you must have to deal with a huge number of websites on a daily basis.

Businesses know the importance of building websites these days and therefore, web developers are certainly making a good profit. And if you are a web developer, then this read is for you. Being a web developer, have you ever imagined offering businesses an additional service that they might need? You can make even a huge profit. Additionally, they will also be glad to get all the services in one place.

Can you guess what this add-on is about? This is none other than ‘web hosting’ service. If you start offering web hosting to your clients, they will certainly be happy and look at you as their complete one-stop solution provider.

Wondering how is it possible to provide this service to your clients? Or concerned about the investments? Don’t be. Because in this read, we will tell you about one such way that takes little investment to provide web hosting service to your clients. It’s pretty simple, you just need to purchase a reseller hosting plan from a reputed web hosting provider and start selling the plans accordingly.

What Does Reseller Hosting Mean?

‘Reseller Hosting’ – as the name suggests, you can re-sell the portion of server space and its bandwidth to the buyers. For this, you get separate WHM panel from your provider that lets you create multiple cPanel accounts which can be later sold at your own price. So basically, the complete infrastructure and maintenance cost is cut-down. You only need to pay the cost of the reseller plan that fits your need. The reseller hosting supports two operating system platforms- windows reseller hosting and Linux reseller hosting.

In this article, we will take a glance at one of the leading reseller hosts in India, which is MilesWeb.


Features of MilesWeb Reseller Hosting Plans

SSD Storage:

To provide you with faster page load speeds, MilesWeb reseller hosting has SSD servers. These SSDs are much faster as compared to that of traditional HDDs and help in giving you better performance. When SSDs are included with your plan this type of hosting is also known as SSD Reseller Hosting.

Host Unlimited Websites:

How many websites do you want to host? If you have a large number of clients that need web hosting then an unlimited reseller plan of MilesWeb is for you. You get unlimited cPanel accounts which can be managed from WHM.

Free SSL Certificate:

Website security has become one of the important aspects of today’s date. Considering this factor, MilesWeb plans come along with SSL security so as to safeguard your website from any data theft. All the critical information on your website will be encrypted and this will block any possibilities of decryption.

Free Domain Reseller:

With MilesWeb reseller plan, you can even resell the domains. Without paying a single penny extra you can sell over 400 TLDs with your MilesWeb reseller account.


A cPanel is provided to your clients which will allow them to manage their domain and their other settings with the hosting account.

Web Host Manager (WHM):

As mentioned previously, you will be getting a WHM panel that will help you to manage your clients’ account. You can manage their user name, passwords, emails and much more.

Free Migration:

Moving to MilesWeb is no more a topic of concern. You can easily migrate your website to MilesWeb from your current hosting provider. Even if you are already a reseller, all your clients website will be carefully moved to MilesWeb server taking measures that none of your files get lost.

One-Click Installer:

You get Softaculous installer with your package. This is a one-click installer that lets you install more than 400 apps like WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla etc.

Malware Scan and Removal:

This is a complimentary feature added that keeps a close watch on all the websites and detects malicious activities if any. In fact, it even fixes the detected threat.

Free Website Builder:

Not all of your clients will have programming skills. Thus a site builder will easily help them from their website with drag and drop ability. Just adding a theme and the content would be sufficient.

Why Choose MilesWeb?

Competitive Prices:

Unlike other big players, MilesWeb doesn’t have a large customer base but their prices are affordable as compared to other web hosting providers. They offer special discounts on most of their plans allowing all small businesses to buy hosting within their budget.

Delivering The Best:

The team of professionals at MilesWeb is highly skillful and has a good number of experience in the web hosting industry. They are always ready to assist you with your queries and resolve them instantly with their expertise.

Great Quality Hosting:

They offer standard and custom web hosting service to their customers and their main objective is to deliver top-notch service. They constantly add the latest features in their package so that their clients can avail the complete benefit of it. They regularly upgrade their services and focus on bettering their customer experience.

Customer Support:

They understand the importance of your online business and thus, are available 24/7 to provide you with technical support. Their main priority is customer satisfaction and so, they focus on the resolution of any technical issue that arises during your purchase with them.

Bottom Line

Reseller hosting is one of the simplest ways for web developers to earn additional income with their existing business. Not only developers but entrepreneurs or web designers can become a reseller too, as this is the best business to start with.

Let it be any reason to start a web hosting firm, it is really necessary to choose the best web hosting provider. Reason being, not only you but also your customer’s websites are also going to be hosted on their servers. Thus, ensure that the web hosting provider you pick should be reliable and trustworthy.

If your choice is MilesWeb then you have made a perfect choice as they will handle all your as well as your client’s web hosting needs. It’s never too late to start with this business. Doing something late is better than not doing it at all. So, set up a web hosting company and be your own boss!

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