Chatroulette via Virtual Number Benefits

Chatroulette is an anonymous chat. People can communicate with the help of messages and videos there. This article will show you the connection of virtual directories and anonymous chats. Having read it you will know what benefits online directories give if combined with Chatroulette. A person can leave a current shat at any moment and search for a new dialogue partner.

Chatroulette and its Risks

Chatroulette appeared on the Web back in 2009. It was created by a teenager from Moscow in 48 hours. According to him, he wanted to create something like video conferences on Skype. From 0.5 million to 1.5 million of people use this site each 24 hours, according to statistics. This site was quickly noticed by businessmen and investors from the whole world. This application had no analogues at first.

However, there are certain risks you can face while using this application. First of all, this is security. Even though the chat is anonymous, you still have to provide your real phone directory during the registration process.

The working phone directory is required for authentication. Chatroulette will send you a verification text to the specified directory and you will have to ‘return’ it back on the site. Your real phone directory is your personal data and if you want to hide your identity completely, you might need a virtual directory.

It is possible to receive and send messages with the help of online SIMs. You will simply copy the received code back on Chatroulette.

Secondly, some of the users search for the lovey-dovey stuff on Chatroulette. If you do not want to communicate with such people, you definitely do not want to use your real directory.


If you need a reputable online SIM accommodation, you should turn your view at OnlineSIM’s direction. Unlike many similar services, OnlineSIM works with multiple countries (more than 30) and provides a high security level. It owns more than 10,000 online directories.

The messages are delivered quickly. You will have simply to get SMS online and copy the authentication code. This provider offers free trials. This is very comfortable to try the service at work before paying for it. When you are assured that OnlineSIM is what you need, you can choose from 2 tariffs:

  • SMS receiving from one website;
  • Rentable directory to receive SMS from any website.

Some accommodations provide client support in business hours only, but OnlineSIM’s support works around the clock. Try OnlineSIM in combination with Chatroulette now and your expectations will not be let down.

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